Scorched, Blue Dragon and The Big Oops

Well it’s been quite a week.  The Olympics are descending on Vancouver and the city fills with excitement, energy, propaganda and art.

‘Scorched’ closed last week and although doing the show doubled my current workload, it was a very rewarding experience.  Performing a three-hour epic piece of dramatic theatre 14 times in 14 days was at times draining.  But I really enjoyed finding and playing my character, the quirky and nerdy Janine.  The rest of the cast had already done a three-week run of the show, so I had one month over the holidays travelling between Victoria and Vancouver to catch up.  I really enjoyed my time with the Theatre Inconnu crew, they are wonderful, generous people and performers.

Having ‘Scorched’ behind me I’ve been able to dive into Brendan McLeod’s new one woman play currently titled ‘The Big Oops’.  My character is very different from Janine.   Sammi Sam the main character in this piece is a ebullient and enthusiastic children’s performer.  I’m performing ‘The Big Oops’ on Feb 28th at the Vancouver East Cultural Center.  TJ Dawe is directing the piece.  He is doing so as a result of the mentorship I received when I won the Joanna Maratta award at the Vancouver Fringe.

TJ and I spent a lot of this week reading over the play, trying to get to the emotional core of each scene and finally cutting ‘any fat’ from the script.  This is not an easy task especially when we all sat down together to duke it out over the changes.  Brendan is a clever writer, he’s good at making witty jokes which we sometimes suggested be cut which is hard.  Brendan took our suggested amendments and whipped off another draft of the script which we’re all happy with.

I went to see Robert Lepage’s ‘The Blue Dragon’ yesterday at the beautiful new ‘Fei and Milton Wong Experimental Theatre’.  It blew me away as I hoped it would.  ‘The Blue Dragon’ was so visually stunning and the transitions were flawless.  It also had a wonderful complex story that portrayed real human emotions.  The set and multimedia projections combined with the movement, dance and words told the story in a way that I strive to do with my work.

Speaking of my work, I am resurrecting ‘Bye Bye Bombay’ for a one-off performance as a part of the ‘I Heart Van Arts’ in Yaletown during the Olympics.  It’s an interesting process visiting an old piece.  Especially since I’ve been working on the treatment.

So this month’s will be busy (if not more) than last but I love it!  I’m sure I’ll squeeze in some time to check out the Olympic Festivities, specifically more Cultural Olympiad.


~ by carayeates on February 1, 2010.

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