Another Workshop…Oops

Hey everyone!

Due to the amazing generosity of the Vancouver Fringe Festival, The Big Oops is going up for another night free of charge! And then TJ Dawe’s doing a first reading of his brand new monologue “Lucky 9” at 8:30.

The Big Oops is at 7:00pm at the Havana Theatre. There will be a talkback to follow. Following that, “Lucky 9”. Again, all of this is for free. Holy cow!

Sam and Ben and the Big Oops

An original one woman/ one act play centred on upcoming children’s entertainer Sammi Sam, who lives to please and inspire everyone around her: the children she entertains, her long-term boyfriend Ben, and his affluent parents. When she accidentally becomes pregnant, she and Ben must choose whether or not to have a child during a financially and socially unstable time of their lives. The decision forces them to re-evaluate their life goals and their relationship to both their families and each other. Part naive children’s show, part interpersonal drama, Sam and Ben and the Big Oops takes on contemporary social mores with abnormal humour and pathos.

Lucky 9

This is the latest fast talkin’ monologue by fringe circuit star TJ Dawe. It’s about reaching out. It’s waitlisted for the Vancouver Fringe, so you might be able to see it then, but perhaps not. This could be your only chance.


~ by carayeates on March 19, 2010.

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