Incendies opens in Toronto and Vancouver theatres tonight.  It’s a phenomenal film.  Incendies took away the prize for Best Canadian Feature Film at the Toronto International Film Festival.  It has also been shortlisted as a contender for best Foreign Language Film for this year’s Oscars.

Incendies tells the powerful story of a pair of twins whose mother’s will instructs them to deliver a letter to their father (who they thought was dead) and their brother (who they didn’t know existed).  It’s an extremely powerful story about family, the atrocities of war and forgiveness

Incendies is based on the play by Québécois playwright Wajdi Mouawad.  I played the role of Janine in the Vancouver premiere of Scorched (the English translation of Incendies) last winter.  I spent two months building images and character to bring the dense language of the play to life on a minimal set of black boxes.  Watching the images come to life on the screen was almost overwhelming for me.  

I had a chance to do the Q&A for the film at this year’s Vancouver Film Festival and engage in an insightful dialogue with the producer Luc Dery at the Whistler Film Festival.  We discussed the challenges Denis Villenueve faced adapting a three-hour very wordy play to a visual film with minimal dialogue.  Denis has done a fantastic job.

I am issuing a disclaimer for this film, bring tissue!

Check out the trailer for the film :


~ by carayeates on January 22, 2011.

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