New York I Love You…

I’ve been in New York for just two weeks now.  I’m amazed at the diverse art I’ve had a chance to take in, the creative minds that I’ve met, and the opportunities I’ve had presented to me.  I’m going to start helping out at the Film Society at Lincoln Center tomorrow, very exciting.

My first night in the city I saw the SITI Company’s one woman show ‘Room’.  Since then I’ve hit up the MoMA, the Independent Film Center and the New York Opera.  The New York Opera production was called Monodramas.  The show consisted of three separate modern Arias that were odd and intriguing.   After the show, L Magazine had a reception in the atrium of the theater where a performance artist did a performance over Skype.  I love seeing different artistic practices mix and mingle, it was a very interesting evening.

I’ve also had the chance to take in some great bands.  I saw the Canadian band ‘Hey Rosetta’ and went to the CD release for ‘The Poison Tree’ at Joe’s Pub.

Saturday was the most amazing day.  I spent the day at screenwriting guru Robert McKee’s workshop, then attended the final LCD Soundsystem show in the evening.  Robert McKee’s workshop was a solid eight hours of intense screenwriting theory.  I’ve read his book ‘Story’ several times, so the workshop really helped clarify the concepts.

I went straight from the workshop to LCD Soundsystem’s funeral.  I was lucky enough to snag one a coveted ticket to the show, and I feel very luck to have been there.

The evening blew my mind.  LCD Soundsystem played for over three hours.  They show included an assortment of guests including Arcade Fire.

I danced my ASS OFF, but it was a bittersweet evening.  James Murphy finished the show by singing ‘New York I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down’.  It a moving way to end the era of LCD Soundsytem.

LCD’s songs have been running through my head since the show.  Yesterday, I went for a run over the Williamsburg Bridge and listened (as I often do) to LCD Soundsystem.  I can’t help but feel like I’ve lost an old friend.  LCD Soundsystem will not be making any more music for me to run, dance or live my life to.  I am very grateful that I had the privileged of being at that final show.  It will be a night that I will always remember.


Goodbye LCD Soundsystem, you will be missed.


~ by carayeates on April 5, 2011.

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  1. Fantastic Cara !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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