Labyrinth Theater Intensive Ensemble

I was a part of the LAByrinth Theater Intensive Ensemble this spring and it was, well, intense, but ultimately it energizing and extremely inspiring.


The Intensive is based on a retreat that members of the LAByrinth Theater company have been doing as an ensemble for years. We explored a multi-disciplined approach to self-generated work and developed ourselves as actors, writers and directors.

LAByrinth Intensive Ensemble 2014

These are all the beautiful participants of this year’s intensive

It was a truly amazing and exhausting experience. From the moment we got onto the bus to drive to Connecticut, we were working. Our days were filled with masterclasses, taught by members of the company. The week of classes included: Artist’s Shamanic Journey with David Anzuelo; Freeing Your Authentic & Active Voice with Andrea Haring; The Fairy Tale Project with Jill DeArmon; Actioning With Felix Solis; Massage Workshop with Wilamina Olivia Garcia; Visual Imagination: The Installation Project with Narelle Sissions; Active Choices: Inspired by Story with Scott Hudson; Ease On Camera with Heidi Marshall; Act Like You Mean It with Portia; Blind Spot Salon with Russell G. Jones; Pen & Bone: Writing for Theater Artists with Webb Wilcoxen; Out The Window with muMs; Cold Reading/Auditioning with Maggie Flanigan; Old School LAByrinth Ensemble Work with David Deblinger.

Our fearless leaders, Portia and Russell

At night, we would rehearse plays and do readings. After the play readings, we’d have a ‘sizzle session’ with a visiting artist from the LAByrinth company. Sizzle guests include Stephen Mckinley Henderson, Lyle Kessler and Kevin Geer. They each brought their unique perspective and experience to share with us. Here’s a short excerpt from out late night sizzle with David Zayas.

We also created performance pieces during the intensive. Here’s the aftermath of our Medea piece.

Medea’s revenge

Our final piece was an ensemble performance of Webb Wilcoxen’s Fairy Tale Project. I played the Jerry the inchworm’s love interest, Cathy Caterpillar.

My co conspirators on the our final performance, The Fairytale Project.

My co-conspirators on the our final performance, The Fairytale Project.

I’ve come away from the experience energized creatively, revitalized physically and with a whole new, exciting group of creative collaborators.

It’s only the beginning


Our ensemble makes magic happen


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